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The Best Monitoring Features for Easy Parenting

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Track Location

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Always know your kid’s whereabouts by tracking their real-time GPS tracking when you’re away.

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Set up restricted areas on the map and get alerted when your kid enters a forbidden zone. Receive detailed information with dates and timestamps right to your email.


Manage Installed Apps

Installed Applications

View the list of apps installed on your kid’s device and get familiar with their interests and social life.

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Application Blocking

Look through the list of installed apps and block the ones you consider to be inappropriate.


See your kid’s keystroke records and prevent them from using inappropriate words in their chats by setting up keyword alerts.


Monitor Social Media Apps


View sent and received messages in both individual and group chats on WhatsApp. See who your kids are talking to and what media files they share.

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Access your kid’s Snapchat vanishing messages even after they disappeared from their phone. Keep an eye on the people they are chatting with and prevent dangerous interactions.

Facebook Messenger

Monitor your kid’s Facebook Messenger and minimize the risks of them getting cyberbullied or groomed online. View sent and received chat messages as well all shared media files.


Discover who your kid talks to on their iPhone. See phone numbers of the people involved in conversations and block them, if needed.


Prevent your kid from having video calls with strangers. Find out who exactly is trying to reach out to your kid and block them if necessary.

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View contact numbers and profile pictures on Telegram. Monitor personal and group chat messages and view the participant list.


Reveal the nature of communication and prevent contacts and an interaction you would never accept as a parent.


Monitor the most popular dating app and prevent your teen from being catfished by strangers. Track a dating profile and block it if the contact looks suspicious.


View texts and stickers sent and received in Line. Look through group chats to learn about your kid’s crushes or friendship.


View the contacts and detect dangerous interactions in time. See shared multimedia files and stickers.


Prevent or stop cyberbullying by viewing your kid’s chatting history. Find out who harasses your kid.


Read Instagram direct messages, prevent dangerous interactions, and filter contact requests.


View Multimedia Files

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View all stored photos and images. Check what kind of content your child shares via social media and instant messengers.


Check out stored videos and find out whether your kid is watching or sharing any inappropriate and provocative content.


Monitor Internet Activity

Browser History

Monitor your kid’s browsing history by viewing visited websites and search engine queries. Always be aware of what content feeds your kid’s mind.

Website Bookmarks

Learn more about what interests your kid. View their bookmarks to know what things are important to them.

Blocking Websites

If you notice your kid visiting sites that contain violent or adult content, block them with the help of MyKidsGuard.

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Wi-Fi Networks

Be aware of your kid’s whereabouts by viewing the connected Wi-Fi networks. Find places your child has visited by identifying hotspots on their phone or block their internet connection if you think they spend too much time online.

Keyword Alerts

Add restricted keywords that will help you identify any potential online threats. Get alerts when your kid uses those words while chatting or browsing the web.


View all sent and received emails and identify people involved in the correspondence. Prevent a kid from being harassed by cyberbullies and don’t let them share any personal details with scammers.


View Contacts and Calendar Events


Be aware of your kid’s plans by viewing their calendar and getting information about the nearest events.


Find out who your child talks to and block suspicious contacts. Always be aware of your kid’s social environment.


Control and Analyze Your Kid’s Activity

Additional Device Information

Get extra information about your kid’s device, such as battery level or the Internet connection.

Control Panel

Monitor all activities of your kid through your MyKidsGuard dashboard. All information is stored conveniently in one place that you can access from your smartphone anytime.

Uninstall Alert

Be notified if monitoring was interrupted. Immediately be notified if the app has been removed from a target phone or there are other connection errors.


Monitor Calls and Messages

Call Logs

Identify suspicious people and detect predators by viewing your kid’s call logs. See the timestamps and duration info for each call.

Monitor Text Messages

Read all incoming and outgoing messages and be aware of your kid’s digital communication. View contact info and shared media files.


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